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Monday, January 20, 2014

REAL Women Have Curves, REAL Men Love Curves

Bullshit. REAL women have two X chromosomes. REAL men love whatever the hell they want! I've had surreal experiences but have never actually met an UNREAL person; THAT would be a good blog entry...
I'm going chastise my own self here, feel free to insert your name.
Camilla, your quest for self-esteem would be shorter and smoother if you didn't let it be derailed by the mountainous piles of people you scrutinize to determine whether you are "more" or "less" than they are in any given area.
They cool. You cool. We cool.  Let's walk together and bask in our mutual but different coolness. It sounds more fun. And less lonely. Plus diversity is so much more interesting.

(Random aside: Writing this has brought to mind that yogurt commercial,
"In a perfect world, every man would look like John Stamos..." 
Now I like uncle Jesse but I also cannot emphasize enough how much I adore living in a realm where I can easily distinguish my boyfriend from my Dad, my brothers, and members of the clergy.)

And now. Pictures to make you laugh.


  1. Camilla, I love you and I love this post. I needed to hear this today, as my ED has been kicking my ass the past few days and I've been stuck in a cycle of comparing myself to others, weighing myself, and being jealous of everybody else's New Year's resolution "diets" that my dietitian will tell me not to follow.

    Thanks for your honesty, the much needed reality check (and Yes, I did insert my name and say this to myself), and the laugh at the end.


  2. Hey Milla- LOL! And is that Frank right above the herb eating dino, between Alexa Chung (with the nine inch waist) and Cleopatra? Frankie, your resume said "hardbody" but this is ridiculous.

  3. You're a smart lady. I hadn't thought of that angle on these "real..." campaigns. Muy inteligente.