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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cookie Auction Rules

I don't think I was super clear the first time, so I'll try again! The person who places the highest bid gets to choose what kind of cookie they want, but there is only one winner per day. Thank you everyone for bidding! Tuesday's winner is Lily! The next cookie auction is Thursday!!


  1. Hi Camilla! I love that you're doing this. Such a great idea and plus it gives us all a chance to try our luck at winning a taste of your delicious cookies. :) I have one question though, could you make sugar free cookies at all? I would love to participate and bid but I have a few family members that are diabetic so they can only have cookies made with stevia/splenda/something along those lines. No problem if that's not a possibility, I just thought I'd ask just in case. :) Thanks Camilla! I adore you by the way. I think you are quite possibly one of the sweetest and prettiest people I have ever come into contact with over the internet. You're beautiful and I hope you're letting yourself enjoy life!

    1. Thanks for all those sweet compliments! Yes I can make sugar free, if you win the auction just let me know your preference and I can make sure I make them sugar free!