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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spilling Our Guts: Anne

Today I stumbled upon this lovely woman. She is wonderfully talented; a well spoken writer named Anne. I have never met her in real life, but I feel close to her just from perusing her blog today. She and I have a lot in common. Wanting recovery, wanting our eating disorders, wanting normalcy, wanting health, wanting our pathology, hating ourselves and simultaneously loving and hating our compulsions. She so graciously agreed to let me share her blog with you. I hope you will read this post in particular (Gained and Lost: Where I’ve Been and Where I’m At) and send her positive thoughts and words of encouragement. She deserves wellness. She deserves real peace. Not the fabricated counterfeit peace (aka numbness) that comes from the Disorder, but real, true peace. And I really really believe that she will have it. Keep going, Anne. I believe in you!
"Here’s to what’s next. Here’s to where we’ve been. And here’s hoping we’ll never go there again."

"I have been school-, friend-, and direction-less for about a year and a half. I have cut myself, purged myself, and death-fantasized myself into the hospital, but it doesn’t stop there. I have stolen my friends’ food and spent plenty of time hiding from the very people who can help me. . . .

So now I’m sitting here, drinking my coffee, and wondering “will people even care that you write this, Anne? You don’t honestly think it’s a good idea to put this all out there for everyone and their brother to know, come on, I mean, really?” Well, the longer I keep it a secret, the longer I can go on with my eating disorder, right? Ha. That’s where it ends, sisters and brothers. I’m telling you a lot of things I’m ashamed about to take a bit of the shame away, or at least that’s the hope. . . ."


  1. Awesome. Than you Anne (and Camilla) for sharing this.

  2. Anne,
    Thank you for sharing this. I have checked back to read your updates and will continue to do so. Wishing the best for you!

    Hey Milla,
    It's been awhile. Hope you are doing okay but I worry about your absence on here. Please know... People are still thinking of you. Praying for you. Hoping for you. And cheering you on in this battle. Remember you deserve this. You are loved. We are all on your side. I enjoy hearing from you and look forward to an update. xo

  3. ��That was my first comment ever on here. Whew! It was scary even though I'm "anonymous". (I am just worried about you and really hope you know you're still in our thoughts, prayers and hearts!)

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Anne! I wish you all the best in your recovery.

    Camilla, I miss hearing from you here and on FB. Hope you're doing okay.

  5. Hey Milla,

    Haven't heard from you in a while. I check back on your blog almost every day and I'm hoping that you're doing okay. You're in my prayers. We're all cheering for you.