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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spilling Our Guts

Dear Readers,

        Thanks so much for all your support. For writing to me, for reading, for kicking my trash when I need it, and for your words of encouragement. I'm kind of tired of talking about myself all the time, so I'm excited to start a new segment featuring other people who have or have had eating disorders. People in various stages of recovery; people who are struggling, people who are fully recovered, people who are trying. I know recovery can feel very lonely. I'm lucky becasue I have COPIOUS amounts of support, but even so I sometimes feel as though I'm the only one lapsing, or struggling, or who can't do it perfectly. The truth is recovery is not always pretty and it's certainly not perfect. It can take months. It can take years. It might be a daily decision for the rest of our lives! So let's talk about it. My first post will go up Sunday. If you'd like to contribute to this, please email me at, and keep in mind that this is a PRO-RECOVERY forum.
Much love,


  1. Disgusting image! Why would someone who wants to recover from an ED post such a visual? Also, taking pictures of yourself in a "fat" mirror???? Doesn't seem healthy to me!(a recovering anorexic/bulimic)

  2. Someone sent me this picture with a kind message. I found it very honest.