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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Peace Out, CFC

For the next 4-5 days I will be in Gilbert, AZ. visiting my big brother and sister-in-law for a “Home Pass.” It’s designed to gently re-introduce us to “normal” life so we can see how we do, practice healthy coping skills, figure out where we struggle, and what we need to work on. I will be exposed to real meals, real non-eating-disordered people, real situations, real celebrations, real life. I’m really nervous. The nice thing about a home pass is I get to come back to CFC afterwards. So if it goes really badly I can get more support and help and figure out how to do things better next time.

Wish me luck!!

Me and Kristian circa 1984
Also, my last scheduled day is the 22nd of this month. I would really like to stay longer. Well. . . not LIKE to, exactly. I really need to. Please donate if you can!



  1. Good luck!! You've clearly learned a lot in your time at CFC so just remember what you've learned and remember that you are stronger than Frank. You've come this far! Enjoy your time with your family!

    You've got a lot of people cheering for you from near and far (I'm from Ohio and living in Louisiana). Just remember, you will struggle... its part of life, but succeeding is being able to continue past the struggle and continue to improve. I'm a firm believer in the power of positive thinking... try to just block out the negative (Frank) and just be YOU!

    Unfortunately, I can't donate since I'm a broke grad student, but I will join your journey to pay it forward and help others as soon as I am able to start working as a Registered Dietitian later this year :)


  2. I will be admitting on Tuesday! If I could help I would! It is awesome that you could be there that long though and that you have so much support around you! Continue to use those around you for support and lean on them, and TRUST those around you! You are strong, you are worth it! You can do it! :)