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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Last night we had our regular weekend outing, and when we got home I noticed a large package behind the front desk addressed to me and all the girls on the RTC unit! We opened the box together and were so excited to find body spray, loofahs, bath gel, lotion, nail stickers, scarves, hats, socks, temporary tattoos, little bibles, t-shirts, chapsticks . . . it was like a second Christmas! We were all talking, laughing, and sitting on the floor passing things around.

This wonderful surprise was brought to us by Mrs. Brandi Green’s Junior High Special Ed Health Class! I received over a hundred cards from these sweet students that definitely uplifted me and made me smile. I passed them around so everyone on the unit could read the kind words of encouragement from her sweet students. All the women here asked if they could write letters to the students to say thank you, it was so much fun.
We loved the t-shirts so much we all wore them to bed last night... except me, I’m wearing mine right now. :) WE LOVE WAHLQUIST JUNIOR HIGH!!
I want to share some of the awesome messages I received from the students:
  • “Being beautiful doesn’t mean you have to be skinny.”
  • “I hope you live out the rest of your lives happily, healthily, and with lots of baking!”
  • “Get Well. Send Cookies.”
  • “Get well, keep making them cookies!!”
  • “I think you are cute without being skinny. I hope you like my picture. Everyone was drawing trees or presents but I wanted to draw you a picture of the true meaning of Christmas.”
  • “You are worth the money. Get Well!”
  • “Can we have some cookies please? I love cake.”
  • “It sucks that you have to have anorexia. I wish I could take it for you.”
  • “I think all food is good.”
  • “The world is amazing that they will pay for some things and not others.”
  • “If treatment is not fun, turn it into a game.”
  • “Get out of that place and make more cookies!”
. . . And these made me laugh. I sensed a theme . . .
  • “I hope you can laugh. I hope you eat a cupcake. I hope you make it through. My favorite color is green. I love you.”
  • “Your treats look like they taste so good. You should have one.”
  • “Eat a cookie. Drink some milk. You’ll feel better.”
  • “Will you eat some Christmas food for me?”
  • “Will you eat a cookie for me? You have to get better.”
  • “Get better for me and eat some food for me.”
  • “Eat a cupcake for me!”
  • “Anorexia sucks. I’m amazed you are alive. Eat.”
  • “You bake those cookies and EAT them. You’re like my mom. She shakes and bakes.”
  • “Don’t care what people think, just eat calories don’t be scared of what it has in it. Just eat it.
  • "Put a little weight on, like I said.”
I hope the students get to read this post. If you are reading it, I hope you know how much your kindness was appreciated and how touched the women and I were by your generosity and thoughtfulness. I really hope that someday in the not-so-distant future I can bake a big batch of cookies and send them as a thank you. And I’d also love to meet all of you!! From your letters I gathered that a couple of you are struggling with your own trials; I hope you can have the strength and courage to persevere and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
 I really don’t know how to adequately express my gratitude without sounding completely cheesy or insincere. I hope you just trust me when I say that I’m grateful to the moon and back and that I love all of you even though I haven’t met you. You. Are. WONDERFUL.  
Love, Camilla


  1. I love this post, the innocent support of children is amazing!! My favorite was the kid who said "your like my mom, she shakes and bakes" literally made me laugh out loud...

  2. Camilla,

    I'm showing this to ALL my kids today so they can see their cards were received and loved :) Thank you for doing this, it made ALL of our day!!! Just to give the proper credits, some of the cards came from Mrs. Tippets Health Class, and some of the cards came from my Reading Students. There were two different teachers that had their kiddo's make cards. The donations were a combined effort from both the Wahlquist Staff and the students. We are ALL sending love and prayers your way! Thanks for the post. Brandi (Ms. Green)

  3. Camilla,

    I started following your blog after I recognized you Mormon Messages (?) or some KSL broadcast. I only knew you a little from our singles ward in North Salt Lake but I'm very grateful for all of the postings I have read. I have never had a problem with eating disorders but I have learned a great deal from your posts. Speaking your mind, no matter what you're talking about is sometimes the most difficult thing and when I have spoken my mind and I get opposing comments, it makes me want to retreat into myself and be the "agreeable" type that I always was growing up. I can't imagine what it's like going through all that you've gone through but I understand how hard change can be, even when it is for the good. Again, thank you for taking the time to write down your thoughts. It gives other people the courage to face and fight their own battles.

  4. hey Camilla,
    so this is one of the students that sent you a card. I hope that you loved it. my card was the one that said it sucks that you have anorexia. I wish that could take it away from you. I hope that one day I get to meet you. you may not know me but I know just because of my teacher ms. green!!!! talk to you soon I hope!
    love, kami singleton!:)

  5. You look so beautiful in that photo with the "Thank you" sign! Keep up the good work!

    Hugs + prayers*

  6. Dear Camilla,
    I hope you get better I have a family member who has anorexia it is so hard to fight for your life now I got him to stat to eat some meats like ham, beef, more sweets. I really hope you can get over you anorexia it is so hard to fight it so fight it for Mrs. Grens Class they are hoping for the best please wright on your blog so we can read how you are doing. Lots of love, McKenna Wild

  7. How precious are those kids. Some of their comments made me really giggle, and some others really made me think. I think I forget at times, how smart and perceptive these little ones are. I'm so happy they sent you this package, just proves how loved and blessed you truly are .<3