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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Can I Get a Flush??

Yesterday was New Years Day and I had a pass with my daddy-o. 7 whole hours of normalcy, it was wonderful. We went to his house to watch the Rose Bowl . . . well he watched the rose bowl, I took a shower and shaved (WOO HOO!), looked through my grandma’s estate sale clothes (1980’s windbreaker, bonjour!) and downloaded some pictures on Dad’s computer.


Right before we left for dinner my dad asked, 
“Umm. . . did you want to flush the toilet?”
Why yes, yes I do.

I was so embarrassed. I forget to flush sometimes because we’re not allowed to do that ourselves at CFC. That delightful little situation spawned the fun albeit somewhat gross question, “Where Has Camilla Forgotten to Flush her Toilet?” I know for sure I did it when we all went to Comedy Sports for our Recreational Outing. After I came out of the stall my friend went in and said, “Camilla I have something funny to tell you when I come out.” When she came out she said, “you know you’re with CFC when you forget to flush.”

So here it is, a list of the places I’ve been on passes or Rec Therapy Outings, AKA
“Where in the World Has Camilla Forgotten to Flush her Toilet?”
1)  Miracle Bowl
2)  Yogurtland
3)  The Chocolate
4)  Provo Town Center Cinema
5)  The dollar theater
6)  Water Garden Cinemas
7)  Mimi’s CafĂ©
8)  Orange Leaf
9)  Ross
10)   Old Navy
11)   Savers
12)   Chili’s
13)   Walmart
14)   Target
15)   University Mall
16)   Farr’s
17)   Provo Library
18)   Maria Bonita’s
19)   Holiday Gas Station
20)   Gardner Village
21)   Momentum Rock Climbing
22)   Color Me Mine
23) Seasons Spa
24) Aveda Remedez
25) Aveda School

That’s all I can think of right now. . . A combination of our Rec Therapy outings and my passes. If anyone was at any of those places and there was an unflushed toilet, I apologize. I guess the lesson here is that when it comes to toilet etiquette there are 3 kinds of people: people who flush their toilets, small children, and people recovering from an Eating Disorder.


  1. Haha! Camilla - this post made me laugh out loud...what a funny consequence of treatment! It definitely lightens the mood :) Glad you had a nice New Years!!
    -Your NYC Pen Pal Lily

  2. Well Miss Camilla, if your future husband sees this post, he'll probably leave you at the alter! Love Brandi (Ms. Green)