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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!!

December 6th: Happy Saint Nicholas Day!!
In my family we always celebrate St. Nicholas Day. It’s a Catholic Holiday, but also a German holiday. We are not Catholic, but we are very very Deutsch. So every December 5th our shoes would go out by the fireplace and in the morning St. Nicholas would bring oranges, nuts, chocolates, books, socks, CD’s, movies, piano music, and other little trinkets. I loved St. Nicholas Day more than Christmas. It was like a pre-Christmas Christmas, and I loved the little funky trinkets St. Nick would bring.
   Today my Dad came to Center For Change (CFC) decked out in his Santa hat and dropped off Holiday Socks for all my girls on the Residential Unit. He’s so Jolly. J One of the receptionists here told me that she was behind him as he pulled into CFC. Picture this: A guy in a Santa hat, driving down the street with the top down on his convertible even though it’s 37 degrees outside, raising the roof to loud music. That’s my dad.
   The receptionist said, “I saw this guy in a Santa hat with the top down on his car just rocking out to music and pumping his hands in the air. And then he turned into the CFC parking lot, and I thought ‘Oh great. Another Crazy. But honestly he totally made my day.”

My dad has a way of doing that. Making people’s day, I mean.

Anyway, in honor of Saint Nicholas Day, and in the spirit of the holiday season, I have a request to make. Not for me, I’m spoiled enough, but for the other girls here. There are 22 girls on my residential unit. Most of us are from out of state. 20 of us were here for Thanksgiving, and most of us will be here through Christmas and New Year. It’s hard to be away from our families, but it’s especially hard this time of year. We also feel bad for how much our families are sacrificing so we can be here,

One girl said: “My family’s not having Christmas because I’m in here and they can’t afford it.”

That statement was followed by nods and murmurs of agreement.
My request is for anyone who can: Please play Santa Claus this year. No one wants much. It’s just nice to be remembered.

Here is a wish list I’ve compiled just from different conversations I’ve had with the girls here:
Fuzzy Socks/Slippers
Chapstick/Lip gloss
Pretty Journals
Trivia games (They’re very helpful and we play them in the dining hall i.e. catch phrase, would you rather, taboo, etc)
Sharpies/Metalic Sharpies (apparently they write on dark paper)
Gel pens
Smashbook Accessories (Walmart)
Walmart gift cards (that’s the only place they shop for us)
Facewipes (like Neutrogena/Olay makeup remover wipes kind of thing)
BB cream (Garnier)
Face moisturizer
Zip up hoodies (a lot of girls didn’t know they’d be here through winter (or are from warm states and don’t know better) and don’t have a lot of warm clothes to layer for outings.)
Warm hats (berets, beanies with poofs on top)
Ear warmer headbands (knitted ones with the flowers on them—I think they might only have them in Utah. We saw them on an outing to Gardner Village and all the girls were raving about them)
Nice shampoo and conditioner
Yummy smelling lotion
Body Spray
Inspirational quotes/cards
Coloring books
Santa hats
Flower barrettes
Stick on earrings
Large magnets
Those plastic magnet picture frames
Stationary and Note Cards (to write letters/thank you notes)
Forever Stamps (we write a lot of letters here . . . .)
Fake tattoos/glitter tattoos
Sodoku/Crossword/Brain teaser books
500 piece puzzles

I know this is extensive, but if everyone did something small you could really make a difference in our Christmas here.
  Some guidelines if you DO send something: We can’t have small magnets, mirrors, glass, anything with long ties/ribbon/strings, nothing with metal on it (even pens). Also the Care Techs have to go through all of our packages to make sure there is no contraband inside. So don’t waste your wrapping paper because it will get torn, but not in the fun way. J
Send them C/O Camilla Kuhns
Center for Change
1790 N. State St.
Orem, UT 84057

Thank you!


  1. you spelled lululemon right :) it's a really really high end yoga retailer. beautiful zippies and hoodies

  2. lululemon hoodies cost over $100. i'd categorize these with the Nooks and Kindles.