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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff

In music therapy today we listened to “The Good Stuff” by Kenny Chesney. It’s a song about a guy who goes to a bar to drown his sorrows after fighting with his wife. He asks for “the good stuff” and the bartender tells him “you can’t find that here,” pours him some milk, and lists some of the REAL “good stuff.”

Our eating disorders numb sadness, shame, anger and other uncomfortable emotion; but they simultaneously numb the good things. In honor of Thanksgiving, I present to you my list of what used to be good before Frank took over.

My “Good Stuff.”
Sitting under Christmas tree lights with my siblings
Listening to Mannheim Steamroller on Christmas morning
Getting my hair washed
Making apple pie
Tamarind spice candle
Sitting in sunny windows
Vacuum carpet lines
Watching Packers and Sounders games
The Library
Estate sales
Free samples
Family jokes
A massage
Getting letters
Getting lost in a book
Playing games with family
New socks
Perfume shopping
Cologne shopping (I love the smell of clean man)
Freshly shaved legs and clean sheets
Finding cute antique stores
Having a crush
Small towns
That feeling when you FINALLY go to the bathroom after holding it for WAY too long
Kirkland docks
Grandma and Grandpa’s house
Karaoke with my dad
Hair Serum (the coconut kind)
“God Light”
Telling stories
Wedding TV Shows
The Children’s Section of Barnes and Nobel
Falling asleep (especially those weird scenarios you get in your head that totally make sense when you’re on the verge of sleep but are actually nonsensical)
Finding long lost friends on Facebook
REALLY praying
Freddy Mercury’s voice
Having REAL conversations with my siblings
Watching family videos
Hot cocoa and buttered toast
Baby kisses
Snuggling with Kristian’s dog Creedance
Farmer’s markets
My sister’s sense of humor and laugh
My brothers’ hugs and protectiveness
A great first date
Value Village (99 cent day!!)
Sitting in the temple
Watching “A Garfield Christmas” on Christmas Eve
Saint Nicholas Day!
Acing a test
EAR PLUGS (where would I be without you??)
Randomly bursting into song
Sarah karaoke-ing “Living on a Prayer”
“Snuggle” (you don’t get this, that’s ok)
The first time you hear “I love you.”
Watching someone open a present from me
My skin
Contact lenses and glasses
Having my hair played with
Watching clouds moving REALLY slowly
A nice run (not compulsive, outside, with energy)
Seeing a musical
Feeling content and peaceful and quiet

This list is never ending, because if you really stop to think about it there is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I love cologne/perfume shopping! I am a little obsessed.