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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day, Etc.

Election Day, Etc.

It’s Election Day! I hope everyone is voting and watching the news.  We’re allowed to have the news on today, but we’re rarely in the living area of the center so I’m missing most of what’s going on. I used to watch the news every day, so I feel really disconnected from the world. This morning was the first time I’ve seen any footage of Hurricane Sandy. I can’t believe how huge and how much destruction there was. I hope all my East Coast peeps are well and safe.

A few of the girls here with me have husbands or boyfriends. Yesterday I was feeling really envious. I haven’t been interested in dating for a long time. I killed any romantic inclinations while I was in my dysfunctional relationship with Frank. He was my whole life. But now when I see girls reading e-mails and letters from their boyfriends it kind of makes my heart sad. I wish I had someone I was excited to go home to, and be healthy for. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to go home to my friends and family, but it’s not the same as having a significant other. Some of the girls here are in High School and have boyfriends. I remember being in High School and being separated from my boyfriend for more than a weekend felt like ETERNITY. Ahh, young love. I kind of miss that teenage feeling; when you think your love is invincible and that you’ll end up together even if it’s impractical. That reminds me of a song by Neko Case, “I’m holding out for that teenage feeling.” I’m pretty sure I haven’t had “that teenage feeling” ever. But I’ve read about it in such treasures as “Emma” and “Twilight” . . .  *sarcasm on that last one*

Someday I’m going to be healthy and meet my Mr. Knightly/Colonel Branden and actually be nice and not push him away. And it will be EPIC. People will write stories about it. And sing songs. I hope that doesn’t make me sound unprogressive or whatever. I know I can be totally content without a Mr. Camilla in my life, but I’m a little old fashioned and, like the song says, “A house is just a house without a man. He’s the necessary evil in your plan.”

Yes, that’s a real song.

Funny story. Yesterday morning one of the girls smelled INCREDIBLE and I asked her what she had on. It was Forever Sunshine from Bath and Body Works. I said, “I LOVE their Twilight Woods lotion! I wish I had some.” Later last night I got a package from my dear friend Erin Moore. . . guess what it was? BATH AND BODY WORKS LOTION!! Hurrah!! Lotion for everyone!! It was such a fun and happy coincidence, and totally made our night. Thank you Erin!!

I’m sorry I can’t write anything deep today. Frank is yelling very loudly in my ear. He wants out. I’m uncomfortable. I had another meal increase today (my snack was a Magnum ice cream bar and gold fish crackers. It hurts a lot).  I’m trying to distract myself with this blog and the news and lots of superfluous reading. Sometimes the only way to get through a day is to think about voting, love, and Bath and Body works lotion.

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