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Sunday, November 11, 2012

UPDATE: Camilla's Story Is On TV SUNDAY MORNING in Salt Lake City! AND a benefit is coming!

Sunday morning Nov. 18, as part of KSL-TV News Sunday Edition with Richard Piatt, an extended story about Camilla's eating disorder  aired, including interviews with Camilla's dad and a therapist specializing in eating disorders. (Salt Lake City Channel 5). If you go to and do a search for "anorexia" and "Sunday Edition", you should be able to find the link (click on the Segment 2 link).
For those of you (like me) who couldn't get onto's video of Camilla's extended story, including an interview with me and an eating disorder therapist, you can try this YouTube link:
For those of you who couldn't tune in to previous stories, here's some links for both the Seattle KOMO 4 and the KSL News videos! (From her Dad).
 1) KSL TV News last night:
2) KOMO News 4 a couple of weeks ago: http://www.k...

 Here is the benefit dinner her friend Jory is putting together for Camilla here in Salt Lake City (we are also working on one in Seattle area):

UPDATE: A new on-line gaming fund raising event will take place Dec. 9-15. Sign up on Facebook (click for more details) --


  1. I heard about Camilla's story from my daughter who is in Camilla's singles ward. Her story hits home with our family because our daughter in-law has been at The Center since July. If you need another parent to talk to or exchange emails with for support, please contact me. It helps family members to have support too. Take care, Laurie Bush

  2. Camilla, I'm so sorry for what you're going through and pray your treatment works. I lost one of my very best friends to an eating disorder, 6 weeks before her 40th birthday. She left behind 2 very young children and a husband. I had long suspected she had an eating disorder but she denied having anything wrong. After her death, her husband revealed that she'd been addicted to laxatives. Her son is in high school now and her daughter is 21, it makes me so sad that she missed out on so much:(

    I'm not sure if you've ever heard of an Australian band called Silverchair, the lead singer Daniel Johns, struggled with anorexia for many, many years. It almost killed him but he was able to overcome it. He wrote a song called "Ana's Song" about it, you can watch it on youtube.

    Best of luck to you sweetie and you can beat this!!!

  3. I would love an update on how camilla is doing??? I've been checking her blog everyday in hopes that there will be a new, happy update! Camilla- you and your family are in my prayers!