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Monday, November 5, 2012

Camilla's Story Goes Nationwide -- Update: WORLDWIDE! on ABC News' Website and others!

Camilla Kuhns has gone nationwide! UPDATE: INTERNATIONAL! ABC News' website picked up the KOMO 4 news, called me (her dad) and her friend Nic, and ran a story on it this weekend:
An Italian news website picked up the story today:
as did the UK Daily Mail's website MailOnline:
Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers and, of course, donations to keep her in treatment (you can donate by clicking the "Donate" button above. ) Someone commented that if everyone who read or saw the different news stories donated $5, her treatment would probably be paid for.


  1. Hi, Camilla's dad. Remind me, please, how to contact Camilla. I have a letter to send :) Thank you and be strong. You have a wonderful daughter

  2. Is anyone updating the donation thermometer on the right of this blog? It doesn't seem to have moved much. With all the media attention I hope you are receiving more donations that that.

    Also, I found myself wanting to click the thermometer to add my donation. I bet I'm not alone - it's human nature to see the amount that others have donated and to want to click to join the cause. You should put a second donate link below the thermometer (and even link the thermometer image directly) - some people won't think to scroll back up to the top to find your donate button.