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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Other Half of My Soul

The Other Half of My Soul

“. . . their spirits uniting with their bodies, never to be divided; thus the whole becoming spiritual and immortal, that they can no more see corruption.” Book of Mormon, Alma 11:45

“And the spirit and the body are the soul of man.” Doctrine & Covenants 88:15

I have been fighting my body since I was 11. So I’m not going to think of it as “my body” right now. I’m going to think of it as “The Other Half of My Soul.” (TOHMS)

Last night there were some serious health problems in the unit. Our bodies are healing and we’ve been beating them up for so long that they’re not always working right. Some of the girls here are really struggling just to get healthy. I feel so blessed. TOHMS is healing without too much discomfort. My heart rate is up, my blood pressure is more normal, and I’m not as dizzy.

I come from strong pioneer stock, and I’m really grateful. TOHMS has a history of being resilient and healing quickly. After my car accident I should’ve been dead or at least been more beat up. I’ve never really been sick. I’ve never broken a bone. And now that I’m eating, TOHMS is being very forgiving. I’m so grateful, because I feel like it’s being kinder to me than I’ve ever been to it.

Plus I’m part German and Norwegian.

I have a favor to ask, dear reader. A lot of the girls here are really struggling with being here. It’s hard to have all your comforts and have all your control taken away. Many of the girls here are far from home and don’t get family or friends visiting them. If anyone would feel inclined to send care packages, it would make all of us so excited! We can have things like soft hair ties, lotion, blankets, chap stick (oh my goodness it’s dry here!!), stickers, crossword books. Simple things like that. No pressure, it just gets kind of depressing here sometimes and the little things really make a big difference. Just mark it c/o Camilla Kuhns.
The address here is:

Center for Change
1790 N State Street
Orem, UT. 84057

Also just a eminder that if you send me an e-mail, please include your physical mailing address so I can write back to you (because I can't send emails)!!


  1. Good luck to you Camilla. Life is so much brighter when your brain isn't continually ON about food and exercise!!!

  2. Camilla,

    I just saw your story on the news but it isn't the first time I have heard. You actually know my baby sister Rachel. Rachel Huffaker; while she lives in Seattle I live here in Utah. I'll send a few of the necessities that you mentioned and if you would like to correspond while you are here I would be happy to be your pen pal. I wish you encouragement through your journey.