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Monday, October 29, 2012

Heart Breaker

October 29, 2012
 Heart Breaker

The thing about brothers is that they are very protective. I have two. A big bro and a little bro. A thing about little bros is they grow up to be bigger than you are. Much bigger. 7 inches and 100 pounds bigger. So yes, I have two protectors and they’ve always said that anyone who breaks my heart is in big trouble.

So Frank, you should know that the Kuhns brothers are going to hunt you down and SLAUGHTER you.

Last Friday, the nurse here told me that the swelling around my legs needed to be monitored and that if it didn’t go down it could be indicative of swelling around my heart. She told me if I felt anything strange that I should be aware and let whichever nurse was on the unit know. All day yesterday my chest felt a little strange. I couldn’t tell what exactly it was, but it felt off.  There were a few palpitations and a couple times I felt like it was skipping or beating really hard. Then last night I got a bad leg cramp. Later while I was lying in bed my chest felt very tight, my left arm and fingers started cramping and tingling. I was actually scared, so I went and talked to the nurse.

My heart rate was the lowest it’s been since I got here. The EKG showed that my heart wasn’t “polarizing” the way it should. The visual they gave me is this: your heart is your hand. When your hand is open it’s like your heart releasing everything out into your body, when you make a fist it’s like your heart drawing in everything it needs. So my heart right now isn’t making a fist, it’s only making a half fist. It doesn’t constrict all the way. It’s very uncomfortable. The nurse told me I have to be very careful because it can lead to a heart attack. I think the nurse overemphasized the danger to make sure I’m extra careful. But it’s still scary.

I’ve said before that this was like a break up. And Frank really broke my heart a little. Poo on him.

ALSO: I’m starting weight restoration tomorrow. I thought I’d already started, but apparently I have not. So that’s scary. . .
Stay tuned. . .

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