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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to the Hubba Bubba.

Seth will be 20 on Saturday. Where oh where does the time go?
When he was a born he was a bag of bones . . .

and then he wasn't. :)

I seriously love this guy. He has the kindest heart. He is a very gentle spirit, but he looks menacing. Which is a sister's dream come true. I'm blessed with two brothers who terrify anyone who tries to date me.

But this is how I see them . . .

Awww tender.

Anyway, Seth will be in Vegas for my big brother's bachelor party on Saturday, so we celebrated today. He wanted a pie buffet. I don't blame him. My mom is a pie Goddess. Taught me everything I know. :) But compared to her I am merely a goddess in Embryo.

I told him I couldn't afford to buy a gift, but that I wanted to contribute to the "pie buffet". I asked if he'd rather have another pie or a cheesecake. And he said, "um... I'd LOVE a cheesecake in there."

Perfect. Done. I can't grow money, but I can definately do a cheesecake. . .

Most days.

Cheesecake is science.
It's neither cake, nor pie. It's more like a custard. And custards are highly dependant on egg perfection. Eggs are easily overcooked and overbeaten. Eggs are easily messed up.
Therefore . . . cheesecake...
It can fall.
It can crack.
It can be runny.
It can be dry and grainy...
it can be awesome.

So I felt like that was something I could do for my baby brother.
And then,  I definately couldn't.

Cheesecake takes a long time to make. The prep time is only maybe 20 minutes, but then you have to bake it 15 minutes at a high temperature, then another hour or so at a low temp. Then it has to rest until it's completely cooled. Then it sits in the fridge for 4 hours. At least.

I guess you don't have to take all those steps, but cheesecake falls if it cools too quickly. It cracks for the same reason. So if you care about appearance (which I do) you have to monitor it.

Anyway... I felt really overwhelmed.
Around 2 am my mom came down. I was crying a little, so she told me,

"You don't have to do this if it's too much for you."

and I said,

"Yes I do, I love Seth way more than I hate food."

For the record, that's A LOT.

 Birthday Cheesecake for the Seth Meister. . .

Happy Birthday Hubba Bubba.

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  1. This one made us cry. The rest of them we could handle....but loving Seth way more than you hate food is REALLY IMPORTANT CAMILLA!!!
    Make that (or something equally as profound) your Mantra during treatment....
    We love you!!!
    The tiny and tall-- you've impressed us all.