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Friday, September 7, 2012

Challah at Ya Baker!


Necessity is the Mother of Invention. And OCD is the evil Step Mother of Invention. Last night I felt like I HAD to make bread. Then, while I was running, I felt like I HAD to make more cinnamon rolls because my family loved them. And I try to buy their love with food. So there I was, obsessing over what to do. I had already started the Challah dough. It was already rising. And I knew if I started cinnamon rolls when I got home I'd be up all night because they have to rise twice.

So. . .
Rather than choosing one or the other, I married them. I'm like Yente for baked goods. Right? Of course right.

I smothered each indicidual section of the Challa braid with butter, cinnamon, and sugar and rolled them up before braiding them.

Shalom, my darling Cinnamon Roll Challah...

 I will call it Challamon Roll

Or Cinnallah Bread
I cut into it this morning and forced Seth to eat it (he was soooo mad about that too...:) ). Feedback from the Seth confirmed what I thought, it was good, but I should have put in MORE cinnamon and sugar. Next time that bread is going to be OOZING cinnamony goodness. . . and maybe I'll top it with almonds.

I don't know if this is PC, but honest and true I've always wanted to be Jewish. Oy.

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