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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Angel Mother.

I just finished a long post filled with accolades to my mother. She is my angel. She is a saint. She is extremely private, humble, and easily embarrassed. So I decided not to post  the whole blog. But here are some key points.

My mom is amazing.
I love her more than anything.
I hope I can be like her, because if I can become like her I know I'd be a woman she could be proud of.
She has sacrificed more for me than should ever be asked of one person.
She makes other mothers look a little pathetic. At least to me.
She is the heart and soul of our family. We would have fallen to pieces long ago without her.
She is the master pie maker. And her cheesecake is world peace in a springform pan.
She did it all without hiring a nanny or sticking us in daycare. RESPECT.

I love you mom. You're my hero. I'm still alive because even though I don't believe I'm worth it, I believe that YOU know I'm worth it. And I have faith in you.


  1. Your mom is a spectacular lady. I am in her ward. So I'll add my thoughts about her as well:
    She has so much wisdom. Every comment she makes in RS I want to record and play them all again for future use.

    Camilla you may not know us? But Tyler and I will donate what little we can. Good for you for reaching out for help! You are a beautiful woman, and of so so much worth.

    I'm so excited to hear of the fabulous outcome from the care you'll receive. And will be so happy to hear all your dreams come to pass!

  2. Milla!!! I've always heard you talk of your mommy this way and I love it! You are a wonderful woman Ilene! Thanks for taking care of Camilla the way a mother should! I know you've been through so much! You're in my prayers!