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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Truffles: Take Two. And a BIRTHDAY!!

The other day I made truffles, and I posted a blog about it. It was so hard. I was so overwhelmed and so anxious; I had a panic attack. And then came Sunday. Sunday night I was feeling brave. I didn't like feeling defeated by FOOD.
That is ridiculous. I am bigger than food.
Food is here to serve ME,
to keep ME alive,
to give ME energy.
Not the other way around.
So I made those truffles my B's. I made a dozen, not for anyone in particular, just to prove to myself that I could.
And it was awesome.
Boom. I rock.

 Today is my big brother's 30th birthday. I love him to pieces. He is great. He is kind. He is generous. And he has my back. We moved a ton from the time we were born until we were about 6 or 7. But it was totally fine, because we had each other. We were BFF. Honestly I'm pretty sure the only reason I had girlfriends in high school was because they all liked my brother. And when I was getting divorced and Kristian came to visit me, my ex husband LITERALLY left town... I think because he knew Kristian would've hurt him. Bad. You mess with Camilla, you get the Kristian. Don't let the dimples fool you. He can be scary.
See? Terrifying.

 My BYU graduation (AKA middle of my divorce. . . )
K and J
In honor of his birthday I decided to make Andes Mint Chocolate cookies. To me Mint Chocolate Chip ANYTHING is synonymous with Kristian Burton Kuhns. When we were little he always asked for mint chocolate ice cream cake for his birthday (with fudge and nuts, of course). The first time I made Andes Mint cookies for him they were gone within a day. So I make them for Kristian and Jess (his fiance) almost every time I visit them. Plus he lives in Arizona, and cookies are easier to mail then ice cream cake. . .
I'm renaming these "World Peace Cookies."
I had zero anxiety about baking these. I think it helps when I know where they're going, and that the person on the receiving end will love them.

Love you, Kristian. Du bist awesome.


  1. I promise I was your friend in high school NOT due to having a crush on your brother. :) Also, heck yes! You make those truffles your B! <3

  2. Ok I admit not all of you liked him ... Just most :-)

  3. I love the part about mint chocolate anything reminding you of Kristian! Still fully true to this day... we love Fro-yo and he gets so upset if they don't have a mint-chocolatey option for him...

  4. Go Camilla Go!!! (And happy birthday to your brother!)