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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Hobby...THRIFTING.

I love thrifting. Thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets. . . they're all good. At first I only bought things like books and funny trinkets. Thrifting places have the BEST books. Especially cook books. It's actually funny to look at old recipe books because the portion sizes are so much smaller. (For example, a chocolate chip cookie recipe circa 1969 calls for 6oz of chocolate chips, not today's standard 12. But that's a whole different can of worms.) Also thrift store recipe books sometimes come with notes in the margins, and family recipes stuffed inside. It's awesome.

The second thing I love at thrift stores is baking tins. A muffin tin at Target is anywhere from $10-20. At a thrift store/estate sale? You might pay $3. And that's the high end. And you can get all sorts of fun shapes and sizes.

Accessories are bomb too. Purses, funky jewelry; all one of a kind.
Board games (check to make sure they have all the pieces).
Cd's (another great place to go for music is the LIBRARY).

And of course, clothes. I just recently (in the last 2 years. . . ) started buying all my clothes at thrift stores. I used to feel uncomfortable doing that (who KNOWS where that dress has been?), but I believe in the powers of hot water and Tide, and I hate buying new clothes for myself. I have a hard time thinking I deserve to spend money dressing my body. Plus I know I won't be this size forever (well, I SHOULDN'T be...) so I don't want to spend money on clothes that won't fit me next year. ENTER VALUE VILLAGE. Every Thursday-Sunday a certain tag color goes half off. On Monday, whatever is left over is 99 cents.
Yes, please. I accept.
You have to go early. You have to dig. It's a time commitment, but it's fun. I've even bought things that don't fit and sold them for a profit. (Not a big profit, but still satisfying.)

All of these outfits were under $15

Talbots Dress: $7.50,
Leather heels: 99 cents
Leather Belt: $2

Wool J Crew skirt: $4
Paolo leather heels: 99 cents
Belt: 99 cents
Yumi Kim silk shirt: $2
Gap Skirt: $2
Banana Republic shirt: 99 cents
Blazer: $6.50

H&M skirt: 99 cents
B.P. shoes: 99 cents
H&M Shirt: $2.50
Jeans: $6.00
B.P. shoes: 99 cents
belt: 50 cents

Moda dress: $4.50
Leather Anne Klein heels: 99 cents

Moda dress: $4.50,
Jacket: $2.50
Anne Klein heels: 99 cents

 Black Knit Dress: .75 cents

Vintage Dress with Tie Front: $2.00

Banana Republic shirt: 99 cents
Jeans: $2.50
BCBG leather shoes: 99 cents
Sweater: $4

 Vintage Polka Dot Dress: FREE!!

 Estate Sale Vintage Floral Dress: FREE!

 Vintage Dress: $3.50
Estate Sale dresses. Vintage. FREE!!
And of course, I wouldn't be the baker if I didn't include this:

4 bread pans and two cake tins: $1.25 total. Woo hoo.


  1. Your thrifting skills are impressive! I have several friends who have actually made quite a bit of money by thrifting then reselling.... either way there is something satisfying about getting an amazing deal.

  2. Gotta love a good thrift store! So satisfying to find something amazing! You definitely have the gift! All those outfits are excellent!