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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mind If I Bake??

So my first attempt at selling my treats was awesome. I just wrote on facebook that I'd be making chocolate chip cookies and selling them for whatever people wanted to pay. Right away I got a tremendous response. Kristian (big brother) got a little excited and wanted to upsell everyone. I had to tell him "I can't bake on demand, only when I feel like I can. That's why I'm just selling things I was already going to make." But by the time the dust settled I'd committed to make 8 dozen cookies. . . I'd originally planned on maybe 4. Or whatever one batch is. . .

The good news is I was loving the kitchen tonight! I had so much fun baking for everyone! It takes me a while because I have to do everything slowly and methodically (it decreases my anxiety if I'm very purposeful about everything I do...) but I was happy. I felt productive and PURPOSEFUL and that was an amazing feeling! It energized me and I felt so much joy. Food was my friend, tonight. And it felt wonderful. Welcome home to my heart, old friend.

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