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Friday, July 27, 2012

Meet the Seth.

This is Seth.

He is my little brother. He my BIGGER little brother. And he's my official taste tester. I'm not sure how discerning his palate is, but he's 19 and 6'1" and has the metabolism of a teenage boy. Because he is one.

 Since I bake late at night there have been times when I've knocked on his door super late and said, "can you taste something for me?" And he always does. Even in a sleepy stupor. He's a good sport, and super patient with my neurotic baking self.

Anyway I love him. He eats my food. It's the least he can do. . . I did used to change his diapers after all.

Seriously how cute.


  1. Hi, Camilla. So as I look at the pictures of your baked goodies I want to bake like you do. I haven't had much experience and a lot of times when you take a recipe it takes a few times to get it right and figure out the exact amount of time, amount, etc.
    If you could also share your recipe and give instruction it'd be so helpful to those who suck at baking (mwa).
    At the same time it may be too much blogging I assume. You may want to keep your recipe secret which I understand. So, it's up to you. I'm just throwing it out there. Thanks for the blog :)

  2. I made a few mistakes but you got the general idea of what I was trying to say

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  4. *Sorry my other comment had a few type os :)

    I love seeing all of the different things you're baking! I have a big sweet tooth, and love baking as well...I guess it runs in our genes! It's great to see that Seth is your assistant ;) I love hearing your updates and progress! We need to have a cousin reunion before I go back to school in September! I miss you and love you!!!