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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nun's Farts. MMM....

Last night I got it in my head that I was going to take the choux dough I just mastered and FRY it. Turns out, that's already a thing. They're called Pets de Nonnes. Which means nun's farts. Classy. But apparently nun's farts smell like heaven and taste divine.

So that's the fancy name, but I just call them donuts.

They didn't take long to make They looked a little weird, but my little bro Seth (taste-tester extraordinaire) LOVED them. So even though they looked funny I decidedto dress them up in chocolate and powdered sugar and surprise my friend with some because it was his birthday.

Sometime after 1am the Night Baker drove on down to Bothell and dropped them off. It's so fun to bake for people. It's more fun when it's a surprise. And it's fun times a million when something you've never made before turns out well enough to GIVE AWAY!! I love it. So much in fact that on the way back to  my house I decided I'd take the rest over to Nic (best friend). . . unfortunately by the time I got home (15 minutes later) there were only 4 left.

SETH  . .

My baby bro loves my baking. And I love feeding him. So it all works out.

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