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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Camilla rhymes with Gorilla which is like a Monkey and Monkies like BANANAS. BOOM.

Tonight I was rescued by banana bread. It pulled me out of the gym. I'd been there for about 4 hours. I felt like I couldn't leave. . . and then I remembered I promised a friend fresh chocolate chip banana bread tomorrow. So I left!! Thanks, banana bread!! You are more powerful than a locomotive, and stronger than my compulsive exercising.

Ooh the banana. . . Where do I even start. Bananas are one of my "fear foods." Because as far as "regular" fruit goes, they are highly caloric. I don't eat them. Ever. But it hasn't always been that way. When I was growing up I LOVED them. In fact, bananas never lasted very long at my house. We were big into slicing them over cereal and smothering them with peanut butter. MMMM.... I remember standing at the kitchen counter and eating peanut butter bananas one after another. If childhood had a taste, mine would taste like peanut butter bananas. And V8. Not together.

Anyway, because we loved bananas so much, we rarely had brown bananas with which to bake. We ate them too quickly. Which might be why we favored zucchini bread. . . . But nowadays you can BUY BROWN BANANAS. And they're always REDUCED. That blows my mind. Brown bananas are sweeter. And brown bananas = banana bread!! To me that's like thinking coal should cost more than diamonds. Mind. Blown.

But I digress. . .

For some reason making banana bread has never provoked any anxiety from me. I'm not sure why. . . maybe it's a coincidence. Or maybe it's just not scary. I love making it. It smells like heaven, it makes my little brother ridiculously happy, and compared to some other baked goodies it's not terrible for you. PLUS you can do all kinds of things while it's in the oven. Such as:
  • kill large spider
  • wax eyebrows
  • deep condition hair
  • wash dishes
  • sort recycling
  • drop jar of pasta sauce
  • clean pasta sauce off floor
  • wash hair
  • write this blog
Oh how I love being productive while banana bread smells waft through my house. . .

Also I want everyone to know that I'm currently wearing a leopard print bathrobe and sparkly shower cap. Pwetty.

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